A new day, a new story

Welcome to Anthologie, heralds of exceptional stories — your stories. It has long been asserted that to stake claim in the annals of history, one must achieve a grand level of public significance, celebrity or notoriety. We believe everyone’s lives are noteworthy; that all life is precious. In a world that focuses on momentary possessions, we believe it’s time to concentrate on everlasting and priceless gifts: family, relationships and shared experiences that fade away when left unrecorded.

It’s a subtle art, capturing the essence of individual histories, but we are committed to harnessing those spirits with photographs, reportage and various media. We take the time to develop a rapport with you, understanding not just who you are, but what matters most to you. By building that relationship with you, we are able to develop an extraordinary collection that is both sophisticated and sensible.

While there are many myths and misconceptions about photography, Anthologie challenges the falsehood that most photographers work only one day a week. On the pages to come in the future, you’ll notice that your event is only one point on the Anthologie timeline, a continuum of service that begins well in advance of your event and endures into the future.

Welcome to Anthologie. Your story begins now.