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Collaboration gains steam

train_7513b Anthologie photos amplify Meredith Fierke concert

Recording artist Meredith Fierke & the band will perform 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 9 at the Paradise Center for the Arts in Faribault with special guest Dylan McKinstry. A special art exhibit featuring the work of Anthologie photographer Dan Iverson will augment the concert.

Iverson has been documenting Fierke's world since March 2009, as she set out to make her debut appearance at the famed South By Southwest music and arts festival in Austin, Texas. Fierke's reputation has since gained momentum as her music was featured on last year's Cities97 Sampler.

After a winter of hibernating in the studio, Fierke has emerged to stir the minds of her dedicated listeners with a preview of her upcoming album. The Faribault concert marks only the second time Fierke's latest creations will be heard by a live audience. A portion of the images Iverson gleaned from the past year will be on view in the Paradise lobby beginning with Fierke's concert April 9.

The exhibition will be open to the public April 10 - 16 at the Paradise Center for the Arts, 321 Central Ave., Faribault, MN. Tickets for Fierke's concert are $12 and are available by calling 507-332-7372.

Toast to the town

Anthologie to sponsor Northfield Girls Nite Out Friday

Strap on your best heels and dig out that little black dress, Friday night is ladies night and Anthologie will be on hand capture every moment. Join us for Girls Nite Out 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. in downtown Northfield.

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John and I will introduce ourselves to the community and give all the girlfriends participating a sample of what Anthologie has in store with our new location at 18 Bridge Square.

Starting at ticket registration, we will be out on the town photographing candid moments of the evening. Women sporting Girls Nite Out pink wristbands will be able to flag us down for an impromptu lifestyle photography session out on the street. So be sure to purchase a ticket at Sisters UglyThe Rair Pair or Women & Kids on Division to see firsthand the significance in capturing an unscripted moment among friends.

So look for the guys in the black polo shirts with the big camera bags cruising the square. We'd love to meet you and share your story! Photographs of you and your girlfriends shopping, walking or simply talking will be available for purchase via our website following the event.

Be sure to purchase a ticket in order to be eligible for a drawing featuring wonderful prizes from area businesses, including a special giveaway from Anthologie!

Big Apple taste, small town charm

Dino's New York Style Pizzaria whets our appetite for food blogging

One of the many benefits of working with clients from outside our home base is that we get to travel. And one of the best ways to get acquainted with a community is by sampling the local fare. John has very specific tastes, especially when it comes to pizza, so whenever we're heading out of town you can bet we're looking up the best pizza joint at our destination. Last Saturday was no exception.

After getting to finally meet up with Chris and Patrick in Mankato, we headed over the bridge to North Mankato and were instantly taken with Dino's New York Style Pizzaria. I had previously been to Dino's and was excited to let John take part in the experience.


Restaurateurs take note: Dino's has done everything the way it should be done. The historic charm of the building is in tact, the lighting and interior design is well thought out, the staff is friendly and the bathrooms are spotless. Oh yeah, and the food is simply amazing.

John and I are both minimalists in just about all facets of life, including pizza. We're big believers in that a pizza shouldn't have too many toppings confusing the palate. I tend to opt for a simple sausage and cheese while John's signature dish is the pepperoni with no cheese. We were both impressed with the depth of flavors in Dino's handmade sauce and the texture of perfectly crisp thin crust.

Do yourself a favor, head to North Mankato, go to Dino's, order a one-topping pizza and bask in the majesty of simplistic dining.