Changes at Dan Iverson Photography

My business partner, John Magnoski, sets his lens on the bride and her bridesmaids while photographing Sept. 12, 2008, at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Mass.

It’s been nearly 11 months since I was laid off from my post as a newspaper photographer.

The past year has been challenging and exciting. My biggest lesson has been recognizing and acting upon great opportunities when they present themselves. One such opportunity is the merging my business with that of an amazing photographer, John Magnoski.

The notion of partnering with someone else to offer even more products and services to my existing clients and potential clients won’t be allowed to slip away. Our new business model will equate to even better photographs and a more comprehensive approach to documenting our clients’ life experiences than ever before.

Following are some FAQs regarding the changes:

Q: What will become of Dan Iverson Photography?

A: Dan Iverson Photography will still be a fully operational enterprise. However, I will continue to move more and more towards reserving this business for editorial and fine art photography and small projects that don’t require the strength of two full-time photographers.

Q: What will happen to your website?

A: The domain will not change and will continue to have updated content and the same features present today.

Q: I’m an existing client, what will happen to my password-protected galleries?

A: Nothing, your photos will still be online for you to share with your friends and family.

Q: How can I keep up with all the changes?

A: My blog will also continue to be active and will by no means be put on the back burner. In fact, you can now expect an increased frequency of posts.

Q: Who should I contact if I’m looking to book you as a photographer?

A: For editorial work, contact me directly at For weddings, lifestyle portraiture and commercial work, please contact us here.

Q: Why should I commission you through the new business instead of Dan Iverson Photography?

A: That’s simple — results. The final product will be far superior by having two experienced, professional artists working on your project. You will get the best of both worlds. John has nearly a decade of experience as a photographer who takes the director’s approach to working with his clients, setting up beautiful environments and compositional dynamics that might otherwise be missed. I have nearly a decade of experience as a photojournalist, capturing people as they are and finding significance in everyday life. Together, we form a sum greater than its parts and you get to hold on to the results forever!

Q: What else can I expect from this new business?

A: New approaches to telling your life’s story.

Q: What is this new business called?

A: Anthologie. And it’s here now!