Elko New Market Family Photo Session | Cooper Turns Seven

New Market Family Photographer Anthologie Cooper strikes and epic pose during his 7-year portrait session

Cooper unleashes his inner superhero for his birthday portrait session

Cooper has one of the strongest personalities of any kid that I know. Like most young boys he's a ball of constant energy bursting at the seams. So, when it's time for his birthday photo session each year I know I can expect lots of great expressions and emotions. I always try to just let Cooper be himself and I know that the his portraits will turn out fantastic. I don't try to make him pose picture-perfect. My goal is so that years from now his family will remember his outgoing personality and his many interests, not what pose was popular on Pinterest at the time.

New Market childhood milestone photo session
With pedals off it was the perfect opportunity to show Cooper on his bike
Cooper strikes an epic pose in his Batman costume during his family photo shoot in New Market MN

When I arrived at Cooper's New Market, MN home he was already excited to show off his new bike to me. He was donning a Batman costume from play earlier in the day. I think his parents may have been hoping for something a little more formal, but I encouraged him to keep it on for at least a few moments. What kid doesn't want to tear around the yard dressed as a superhero anyway, right? He even stopped for a few snuggles with his new puppy, because superheroes need love, too!

Cooper gets some puppy love during his at-home photography session
Cooper and his parents take a few moments to pose during their family photo session in Elko New Market, MN
Cooper shows off his climbing skills during his photo session in New Market MN

You don't have to wait to be a high school senior to show off what makes you - you, especially when doing an at-home photography session. Cooper wanted to show off his climbing skills on his backyard jungle gym: check! He's big into Pokemon cards: Let's see the collection, I say. I think all of these elements are a lot more meaningful, and mom and dad still were able to get their little man to loose the Batman costume for some more traditional photos as well :)

Cooper was excited to show off his Pokemon card collection during his at-home photography session in New Market, MN

So what makes your kids tick? I'd love the opportunity to showcase what makes them so unique, too. Please contact me today to schedule your own at-home photography session. You'll be amazed how kids can light up when they get to celebrate who they are! 612-419-7009  dan (at) theanthologie.com  #kiddosunplugged #littleadventures #anthologie