Flowers, candles and a baby boy

Tyler plots the perfect proposal

Since proposing to my own wife eight years ago, I’ve relished the idea of capturing that significant moment for another couple. Today that idea became a reality.

On Thursday, Tyler contacted me to let me know he was planning to propose to Ashley on Friday night - make that Saturday morning - after her shift got off and wanted to see if I’d be available to record this event for their family. (I have been documenting their family history since July 2008. You may recognize them from our “Miracle of Life” portfolio).

I was thrilled and honored that Tyler would have the pressence of mind to contact me for such a momentous and deeply personal occassion. Of course I would be there, the challenge was how to pull this off at 3 a.m. with sparse ambient light and without Ashley noticing me as I in no way wanted to interfere with what happened and with respect to their privacy.

My first question: “How are you going to do this Tyler?”

He wanted to involve their son Logan. Tyler shared with me at the hospital shortly after Logan’s birth that he knew he wanted to marry Ashley and that life’s events simply came at them out of traditional order. Thus, he had the opportunity to allow their 8-month-old son to be a part of a milestone typically reserved for two.

Tyler had a T-shirt made for Logan saying “Will you marry my daddy?” on the front with a “yes/no” on the back. They both wore tuxedos and Tyler flooded their home with tea candles and flowers for Ashley’s arrival — sorry ladies, Tyler doesn’t have brothers.

Tyler further set the scene by creating a path that would lead Ashley to the dining room (the same dining room where I began the couple’s 9-month maternity photos) where Logan would be encircled by candles with the box for the engagement ring at his side. From there? Tyler didn’t have a plan.

It’s just something that he would figure out as it happened, he said.

All that remained was for Ashley to come home.

After much pacing and some comforting to Logan who had been up way past his bedtime, Tyler finally received word that Ashley was on her way home. I made my way out into their backyard where under the cover of darkness I would be able to peer my lens through a break in the curtains that Tyler had arranged for me.

At long last Ashley came home and discovered Tyler and Logan waiting on the dining room floor. I sensed she figured out what was going on as I could hear her cyring through the walls. Luckily, I was behind glass so that what was said between Ashley and Tyler was completely private as Tyler got down on one knee and put the ring on Ashley’s finger.

I could then hear Ashley struggle through tears to excitedly say “I can’t believe this is happening!” and “Yes!”

After a few short seconds I was gone and Ashley had no clue I was even there — until now!

Congratulations Ashley! I’m so excited for you both.

I was able to interview Tyler as he waited out the final moments before Ashley’s arrival so look forward to a complete story and more photos soon.