Just a walk in the park

One hour outdoors undoubtedly earns Ryan a father-of-the-year award

When we first announced our "No Foolin'" promotion to coincide with the official launch of theanthologie.com we figured we'd might get some great images, but didn't bank on great stories, too. Our sessions were set for only one hour to introduce prospective clients to the Anthologie concept and photography style - not enough time to tell of any substantive events. Or so we thought.

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Our final client to reserve his session decided to take full advantage of our approach -- not overly orchestrated and ready to document on the fly -- and completely surprise his wife. We learned what a caring and dedicated father he is in the process.

Ryan's plan was simple: While his wife went off for a day of shopping, he'd take the boys out for a walk, have us photograph the outing, bring the boys back and have some emotive photographs made in time for Mother's Day. We one-upped him and designed a book highlighting the session. Ryan was thrilled with the design and we worked swiftly to ensure the final product, a personalized hardcover coffetable book, was published and delivered in time for Mother's Day - all the while, his wife had no idea the boys had even been photographed. The book was completed in time for Mom to have quite the surprise Mother's Day morning.

We had a wonderful time hanging out with Ryan and his boys and I'm sure the entire family with cherish this exciting time for years to come (his youngest is only three months old). Congratulations, Ryan! Be sure to let us  know if you'd like to earn another award next year!