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We’ve made a business of telling stories. Now, we’re writing the next chapter of our own.

I have to admit, I was a bit giddy when I opened my mail last week. An oversized envelope arrived and as soon as I read the return address I knew what was inside — some recent work published as the cover story for a magazine. I surprised myself when those emotions involuntarily came rushing in. I knew the magazine would be coming, and after all, I used to have my work published routinely while working as a news photojournalist. So what’s the big deal? Honestly, I think it was the amount of time that had passed since I had seen my photo credit in printed form.

I don’t have delusions that someone is going to pick up the magazine, see my name and call me for some huge assignment. However, holding the printed, finished work in my hands felt nice. It’s also a welcome change from transferring digital files off into cyberspace as most clients request nowadays. I feel old just writing those words but it’s the truth. I embrace it. I know (or at least I think I know what clients want) and don’t dwell on the past. I’m a Xennial, or a member of the “Oregon Trail Generation” that grew up both analog and digital. I remember the good-old days but don’t yearn for their return. My career has exemplified this notion since the beginning.

Throughout high school I learned on film cameras, processed negatives and developed prints. In college, we bulk-rolled film, developed it, but then scanned the negatives to PhotoShop for editing and final output. Then, my first day at a newspaper, we switched over to an entirely-digital process. The Nikon D1 flagship camera was being delivered to our offices and I was fortunate enough to get paid to “play” with it. A whopping 2 megapixels and probably around a $6k price tag. I loved it and couldn’t wait to ditch film and never look back. I haven’t. 

On the sidelines, photographing the Vikings vs. the St. Louis Rams Dec. 31, 2006, at Metrodome in Minneapolis. Photo courtesy of Robb Long Imaging.

On the sidelines, photographing the Vikings vs. the St. Louis Rams Dec. 31, 2006, at Metrodome in Minneapolis. Photo courtesy of Robb Long Imaging.

So, when my vocational world flipped over again in 2008 I didn’t worry. The world had changed and the role of a news photojournalist wasn’t what it used to be with the surge in local news blogs and with just about everyone carrying a camera with them at all times in the way of smart phones. I didn’t feel sorry for myself, or hope to do the same work at a different news outlet. I knew I was just going to move on and evolve into the next thing, and I did. Anthologie was born.

When Anthologie started, the work focused on families and weddings. It was a steady train that kept chugging along, gaining momentum each year. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences, shared in meaningful stories and connected with inspiring people around the country. But after nearly 10 years, I was ready to refocus and evolve my work again. 

Starting today when you visit the Anthologie website you will notice weddings are completely absent and the traditional portraiture has been pushed from center stage. Instead, you will see my work is highlighting Minneapolis St. Paul business photography with a strong emphasis on service and trades photography. Why? It’s not because I don’t enjoy the work I have been committed to for nearly a decade. The answer is three-fold.

One, I truly am passionate about helping other small business owners achieve their goals and share their stories through professional photography, especially in the trades. I think skilled labor is undervalued, so I love bringing attention to those who make our world function in a practical way. Two, with years of experience as a photojournalist, corporate event photography and photographing service industries in a documentary style is where I have the most conviction in my work. Three, I want to spend more time with my family. The older my son gets, the harder it is for me to be away every weekend and I want to be around to see when he achieves his own goals, or be available when his hockey team needs a helping hand at a tournament.

Anthologie is here to stay. You can still expect the same top-notch photography, superior editing and outstanding experiences you’ve grown accustomed to over the past 10 years. And while my focus may be shifting towards more commercial photography in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota some traditions are woven too tightly into our culture to completely toss them away. Based on customer feedback, one such event is our participation in Small Business Saturday.

This is my once-annual portrait promotion that prepares you for the holiday season with professional family portraits so your greeting cards are the envy of all who receive them. And I get to enjoy working outdoors and spending some time engaging with your kids, and hopefully, making us all smile. Plus, you can help out another small business by just checking out all of the amazing work that’s happened at The Gardens of Castle Rock over the past few years and keeping them top of mind for your next big business or life event. Details on the event are outlined below. I hope to see you there and tell you more about all the exciting things to come for Anthologie in the future. Thank you so much for your support over the past ten years! Let’s celebrate the journey together.

Small Business Saturday Holiday Mini Sessions

Elko New Market MN family portrait photographer Anthologie

Where: The Gardens of Castle Rock, 26601 Chippendale Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057

When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018

What’s included: 20-minute outdoor photography session; online proofing gallery; creative post-processing treatments of your pictures, including black-and-white and color; high-resolution digital files with the copyrights to print your own pictures at any size; and no minimum print order requirements.

Price: $225

Claim your spot: Reservations required 612-419-7009 |