Love in Bloom

Engagement: Steph and Wes

Wes has been working at the Montgomery Orchard since he was a teenager, so it was a no-brainer when it came to picking a location for engagement photos with Steph, his bride to be.

With those years of experience, Wes also knew when it would typically be the peak moment to capture all those rows of apple trees in full bloom. However, with an unusually cool Minnesota spring, much of the orchard was behind schedule this year.

When it came time to create engagement pictures the apple trees were far from being at their showiest. However, the orchard's vast stand of plum trees was in full bloom and helped to set the scene (and perfume the air) for a dreamy photo session.

Steph and Wes will be married at the orchard in September, when the landscape will be ripe for even better pictures.