Minneapolis Engagement Photographer | Kim and Charles

Finding the perfect destination

For Kim and Charles home was closer than they ever could have imagined. They met as many couples do today, though an online dating service. After a series of successful dates, they became an exclusive couple.

Within months they were off for what would be their first of many travels, a long weekend to Cancún, Mexico. Later that same year, the couple was faced with difficult circumstances for even the most seasoned couples when Charles was offered a promotion with his company. The move up also meant literal move, and a big one. The position would be in India. The couple put their trust in each other, and despite only being together for less than a year, moved across the world together.

Following is an excerpt from Kim's and Charles' feature wedding story:

... The two learned together to navigate life in a foreign land, sharing in all the experiences good and bad. They learned routine — like always working out together Saturday mornings and having a Diet Coke on their balcony, or catching episodes of American Idol four days late — was the tonic to feeling less away from home. And soon, home, meant simply being with each other.

After living in an adventure for a year (Kim and Charles even spent time over the Christmas holiday in Paris), the couple suffered a little post-travel depression when they returned to Minnesota. Charles devised a plan to liven their spirits.

In February 2011, the couple vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, while Kim had time off from teaching. Before the couple left, Charles asked Kim’s father and her brother Brian for their permission to marry Kim. They provided their blessing, and the first night there, Charles made sure it would be a blissful trip.

They stopped by a hotel sports bar for pre-dinner drinks. Seated at the bar, Charles turned Kim’s seat towards him, presented her with a ring and made the assertion:

“I love you. You’re going to be my wife. We’re going to get married,” he said.

She said “yes” and wore a permanent grin the rest of the vacation, one that is still present today. The couple is planning a February wedding in Cancún, Mexico.

“We have such a great thing going,” Charles said. “It’s not going to end. I’m excited to continue living life together.”

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