Minneapolis Photojournalist | Father's Day Photo Promotion

As you're wandering the corridors of your favorite big box store on Father's Day eve this year, think to yourself: "Does dad really need another World's Best Dad chef's apron? Or another tie to add to his collection of formal wear he avoids like the Plague?" The answer is no.

Dads are good at doing man stuff, like fixing things with duct tape, brewing their own craft beers, and creating fishing lures. You know, MacGyver style, with a paper clip and thread ripped from his shirt sleeve. And they work, too!

So this year, instead of getting dad a gift that says you had no clue what else to get him this Father's Day, get him a meaningful surprise that will stand the test of time: a photo session that documents dad working on his favorite hobby.

Whether your dad plays guitar or rebuilds transmissions for fun, we will simply tag along and let the man do what he does best. And before you know it, we'll create some amazing pictures that celebrate your dad's unique talent and show that you truly know what makes him special.

Contact us before Father's Day (which is Sunday, June 17, 2012, by the way), and tell us you'd like the Man Cave Special. You'll receive an awesome photo session at an even better price, and you'll have until July 31, 2012, to then schedule your actual photo session. So, what do you get in this manly collection?

• Up to one hour of on-location photography in the Twin Cities

• Up to four individuals participating in the session ($25 for each additional person)

• Edits and enhancements of your best pictures (you know, like the nifty B&W and muted colors you see in this post)

• A password-protected online gallery for photo sharing and convenient ordering

• Usually about 100 finished photo files!

• All your best images on CD with the copyrights to make unlimited 4x6s on your own

• The satisfaction of knowing you thought of the best gift this year

What's it cost? $100 (save $50)

The non-so-fine print: You don't actually need to be a dad to get in on this deal. If your man rides Harleys and you want cool pictures of him tinkering on the motor, we can do that. Just let us know if you have any questions: info@theanthologie.com

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your session today!