Montgomery, MN Engagement Photographer | Matt and Lori

I first met Lori while she was being set up for a proposal and I was in on the scheme put in motion by her then-soon-to-be fiancé Matt. (See more photos from the event HERE). With Lori being such a good sport about the surprise, I knew working with the couple on engagement photos was going to be a breeze.

However, when Matt and Lori first suggested we use the Montgomery Orchard ( as the location for their engagement photos I was a bit taken aback. After all, they don't have too many ties to the area. But I figured we'd have some great opportunities to photograph in the groves of trees ripe for the picking, and that it would make for an easy theme for the fall photo session.

What I completely forgot was that the orchard's six-acre, Be-A-Mazed Corn Maze was also groomed and available to challenge all those who enter — including engagement photographers! Always up for adventure, Matt and Lori suggested we go for it. The eight-to-12-foot stalks would make for a good wind break and hopefully warm them up a bit from the chilly autumn air.

I'm used to working on the spot, and having to make do with whatever conditions are thrown my way, but I have to admit, I was a bit worried about photographing a couple in such difficult surroundings. There's not much space for me to distance myself from the couple, the corn made tough lighting conditions, and honestly, it seemed as though there weren't too many options for compositions to make when you're surrounded by wall-to-wall corn!

Thank goodness for happy accidents, because I ended up being quite pleased with the results. Oh, and the maze is by no means simple. Be sure to stop by fall 2012 if you're up for the challenge.