Mother Nature's cruel sense of humor

050910 The Bruce family figured that waiting until May was a safe bet for scheduling family photos along the banks of the Mississippi River (as did I). But as true Minnesotans know, you can't can't count on Mother Nature to cooperate.

As is often the case with our "No Foolin'" promotion — set to coincide with changing seasons — we found ourselves questioning whether or not the kids could withstand 30-miles-per-hour wind gusts, and if short sleeves were a good idea.

Despite the chilly conditions (ha!) and a bit of wintry precipitation (did I mention it was May), the Bruces decided the show must go on — both kids were nearing their birthdays and the family wanted their latest photo experience to pay homage to their summer tradition of boating along the river. Their determination paid off in the images, and I think the kids showed that they can be more resilient than adults when confronted with a cold front.

Thanks guys. You proved "No Foolin'" can mean "no excuses," too.