New Market, MN Family Photographer | cake reveal celebration

A baby sister: How Sweet it is

Cari came before the crowd of friends and family gathered in her home and made her way to the kitchen counter. Only a layer of bright-red fondant separated her from her future. Cari, her husband, Eric; daughter, Stella; and the rest of the giddy audience were about to find out if that adorable bump on Cari's belly was sheltering a baby boy or girl. The news was just the frosting on the cake.

This New Market, MN family is part of a growing trend of couples hosting gender reveal parties to add to the exhilaration for parents-to-be that are too excited to find out the sex of their child in the delivery room. To do so, couples have an ultrasound tech simply jot down "boy" or "girl" on a note and place it in a sealed envelope. The results are then passed on to a baker that creates a confection with layers of either blue or pink frosting to indicate boy or girl, respectively.

The contents of the cake are then shrouded in layer of decorative icing so that the mama and papa can cut into the cake and simultaneously discover their sweet, sweet news with all those in attendance. The event makes for an emotional display, and just the sort of true life I love to capture with my camera.

Through a conversational poll of those gathered, it seemed most believed two-year-old Stella would soon be welcoming a baby brother to her home. But as Cari passed her knife through the layers of marble cake and frosting, everyone soon learned Stella will be passing down her wardrobe, doll collection, and almost certainly, her spunky personality. A baby girl is expected in May. Thanks to Eric, Cari and Stella for allowing me to document this special day for their family!