Northfield, MN family holiday photographer

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I'm often asked what makes my approach to family photography different from most photography studios. The answer is simple: I don't do a lot of posing. Our photo sessions can be catered to any client's needs, but I typically spend about 20 percent of the time (at most) assembling groups and 80 percent of the time simply letting the family be themselves. This style was a perfect match for the Shank family as they prepared to say goodbye to their Northfield, MN home.

With the grown children scattered across the country and career opportunities taking them elsewhere, mom and dad decided it was time to move and downsize from their spacious home. But before they did, they wanted to have one last big family Christmas celebration under one roof. So, four generations of Shanks came together to do what they do best: celebrate family, food and the arts.

After a quick set up of posed large group photos indoors, we moved outside to capture the family in front of their home, an homage to this place where they had made so many wonderful memories (You'd be surprised how many folks don't have nice pictures of their family and their home together). After that, the family was free to carry on their holiday traditions, including reminiscing of years past, playing music, cooking and decorating. During this time I worked like a fly on the wall to create photos of the family being as natural as possible.

I was honored to, in some ways, be a part of such a special time for this family. Though I didn't have a lot of time to get to know them first I think I was still able to build a rapport with the family that pays dividends in the images. I think they look comfortable and happy. What do you think? Please comment on or share this post if you like what you see. And if you have your own family tradition you'd like to preserve, contact us today!

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