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tap into the wonder of childhood discovery with Anthologie little adventure photography sessions

Do you remember dancing in the rain, building forts in the woods, swimming with your clothes on or catching snowflakes on your tongue with your best friend? Do you remember waking up and running to your friend’s house to discuss what you want to do that day?

For many parents like myself, you may start to wonder if children in a digital age will grow up with those same memories. Will they instead remember downloading the latest app and challenging their friends to a virtual game of hoops instead of playing a pickup game in your driveway or at the park? It’s up to us to ensure they unplug and never stop exploring. And as a bonus, we can tap into that wonder and maybe even experience a new adventure for ourselves!

As a lifetime angler, I thought I had experienced most of what Minnesota waters had to offer — that was until my brother-in-law introduced me to sturgeon fishing! I was 30 years old before I felt the rush of having 75-pounds of muscle and millions of years of evolution on the other end of my line. That once-in-a-lifetime moment has become a new annual tradition. That’s exactly what I hope to create for your family with my new Little Adventure photo sessions.

With more than 15 years of documentary photography experience, I’m at my best when simply set into a situation and free to capture candid moments as you and your family enjoy time spent with one another. In the e-book below I’ll lay out a checklist of 50 little adventures you can use as inspiration for creating your own family memories, or perhaps even have me tag along on so I can help you to relive the fun you had through engaging pictures, ones that you are proud to share with friends and family, and ones that warm your heart as you pore through your images with children and grandchildren in the years ahead. 

I would be honored to be a part of those treasured memories.

Minnesota sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River
Elko New Market Family Photographer Anthologie specializes in capturing candid moments with you and your family. Mother and daughter photographed at White Tail Woods Park in Rosemount, MN.

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