Owatonna MN wedding photo newspaper | Ben and Deven

Preserve your wedding story today

What did you do on your first date? When is the first time you said "I love you to one another?" Do you know the answer? Will you in ten years? How about in 30? It's OK to admit some of these cherished memories that are focused in your mind today might fade over time. So why not preserve your story today?

At Anthologie, we offer a truly unique product that will not only record and archive the story of how your two lives became one, but will set your wedding apart from the rest. Our wedding newspapers feature an engaging story on the two of you written by talented writers (just read Suzanne Rook's story above), and insightful biographical information to share with future generations.

Once put into a clean design, your story and photos become a creative takeaway for your wedding guests. Use them as table favors and your guests will be entertained during cocktail hour, and may even provide a way to break the ice for those seated together that might not be well acquainted.

Contact us at info(at)theanthologie.com, or 952-232-5830 and preserve your story today!