St. Paul Winter Engagement Photo Session | Jon and Lorelei

St. Paul engagement photos heart and snuggling photo

Jon and Lorelei had their hearts set on snow for their engagement photos ...

The couple now enjoys balmy winters while Jon is in graduate school in North Carolina, but when returning to their home state of Minnesota, Jon and Lorelei loved the romantic ideal of fresh snowfall for their engagement photos. As luck would have it, their wish came true.  

The couple chose the campus of Hamline University (where they had met and began their courtship) as the backdrop for their photo session. I love the idea of the photos having added meaning, and the special location tends to lead to greater emotions in the pictures. When we arrived, we were all thrilled to see the grounds were dusted with fresh snow — bonus!


Jon and Lorelei were so easy to work with. You can tell the couple is truly in love. Their genuine affection for one another shines through their photos. I'm so excited for them to bring that positive energy to their wedding day!

One of the sweetest moments of the photo session was when we strolled past the dorm where Jon and Lorelei first met. We just had to stop for a few photos.