Star for a day

Two-year-old Stella knows how to party

Children have always been one of my favorite subjects to photograph, even more so now that I'm a father. The importance of documenting milestones for little ones has become even more apparent to me now. So when some of my good clients contacted me to photograph their daughter's second birthday party, I couldn't wait. Not only would I get to work with so many familiar faces, but now I'd be seeing this tradition with new eyes — those of a parent.

While scanning the home and yard for opportunities to capture peak moments of the day it occurred to me just how quickly time passes. There were so many young couples and babies there, many of whom I remembered from Stella's first birthday party, only now they were much, much bigger (the kids, that is).

Stella was very particular about her party this year, right down to picking the color scheme, the menu, the decorations and, of course, the bounce house for she and her friends to play in throughout the afternoon. You can see from the images how much personality she already has! I wonder what she's dreaming up for next year?

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