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photocrati gallery How sweet it is

While visiting Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard with my family I stumbled upon a beautiful, vintage-looking sign for a soda shop and ice cream parlor that stopped me in my tracks. In an instant I knew I'd have to plead my case with Ben and Deven to switch locations for their upcoming engagement photo session.

The couple and I had made plans to set their pictures against a backdrop closer to where they first met and dated. Since many Anthologie clients choose to put their photos and/or stories into one of our Signature Books I do my best to work with the couples to incorporate locations that will visually enhance their story, or simply be more meaningful to the bride and groom. This time, however, I knew I'd found the perfect location that wasn't tied to the couple's history, but would add a little flair and context to their story.

I learned during our initial meeting that Ben and Deven had a fun dating tradition when they first met. Since they both were working long hours and multiple jobs, they scarcely had time for any formal dates. Instead, they had micro dates in between shifts. The scene was about as pedestrian as possible. They'd simply meet up in a parking lot and share a soda pop before they'd have to head off to their next job, and the "sodie-date" was born.

I had a blast playing up on this tradition. We even found another location just up the freeway at Jim's Apple Farm in Jordan, MN, which boasts to be Minnesota's largest candy store. I can't add any authority to the validity of these claims, but I can say their friendly staff, quality food selection and amazing supply of hard-to-find candies made this stop completely worth the drive, and it only added to the images we were able to create. We also had a great time munching on Cajun cheese curds between photos. Oh, and did I mention they have walls and walls of bottled soda?

Best of all, these accents allowed Ben and Deven to have a bit of fun and simply be themselves for their photo session. I think it shows. What do you think? Please comment or share using the links below. Thanks for viewing!


Traveling Side by Side

Engagement Gallery: Amy & Corey

Amy and Corey are seasoned travelers despite their young age. The couple has enjoyed many vacations abroad, but their relationship has also traveled great distances since it began when the two were in high school.

After graduating from college, Corey was offered an opportunity to help expand his company's presence in Latin America, and the two were off to their new home in Mexico City. The couple then had the duty of planning a Minnesota wedding from South of the Border!

On a return visit home to Minnesota, I was able to photograph Amy and Corey at Excelsior Bay, a place where the couple would spend time when they were dating in high school. It was great to see how much love the couple shares for one another, and I think that really shows in the images.