Farmington Sports Photographer | Lacrosse Senior Night

There's so much more to creating the portrait of a high school senior than traditional senior pictures. Friends, jobs and activities play such an important role of shaping who students are at this age and who they will become in the future. I was fortunate enough this spring to document two lacrosse games for Alex, a senior at Farmington High School. The games were late in the season and illustrate how special (and fleeting) the moments are leading up to graduation. Within a few short weeks of making these photos commencement was underway and many of the boys were headed their separate ways. Being on hand to see some of the last huddles, introductions on the field and celebrations among friends was quite special.

The first game went into double overtime (with Farmington coming out victorious), and, as I think these pictures show, as much of the story is told off the field as in the heart of the action.

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