Close to home

blanchard1 Tia and Jon both knew they always wanted to leave Minnesota. The winters were just too harsh, they say. So before they headed off to balmy South Carolina, the two were married — then they decided to start planning a wedding.

The austere corridors of Minneapolis City Hall just couldn't quite compare with the tulle and lace most little girls daydream about while planning their walk down the aisle. Tia and Jon dreamed up a better vision instead. They would return home for a more traditional wedding so family and friends could share in the celebration.

The couple will once again recite their vows, only this time in the beautiful sunken garden at the Como Park Conservatory, which just so happens to be the same venue my wife and I chose for our wedding. Needless to say, I'm excited to get back in the space and document this special event for Tia and Jon.


While on a recent visit to Minnesota to solidify some wedding plans, Tia and Jon found some time to celebrate their first anniversary with a photo session only blocks from where they officially became husband and wife. Luckily for them, it was a rare 70-degree March afternoon.

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