Perfect in every way

Newborn Gallery: Asher

Having become a dad for the first time only six months ago, I was interested to see if my paternal instincts would come into play while photographing another baby boy. I think it may be too early to tell, but I can say for certain, proud papa Brandt received a little more time in my viewfinder than he would have before as I sought opportunities to capture him bonding with his family's latest addition, Asher.

When families are blessed with new life, I work with them, in their home, in their newborn's most familiar environment, not only focusing on the creating images of the baby's portrait, but of how the entire family reacts to his arrival.

It was wonderful to see the excitement of Asher's big sister Reeve as she found someone new to read stories to, and with whom she'll soon play. And Amy's and Brandt's love for their son was plain for anyone to see. It's amazing to bear witness as these families grow and strengthen their bonds. I can't wait to see what Asher will do next.

Happy Father's Day, Brandt!