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Edina, MN Engagement Photographer | Bobby and Nykole


photocrati gallery I like to think that I have a pretty good knack for choosing locations, and that I can often see the hidden potential for great pictures with a poll barn, dimly lit alley or a discarded sofa. It's a rare for one of my clients to come up with new ideas for a location I've worked in before, especially when that client isn't a Minnesota native. That's exactly what happend, though, when it was time for Bobby's and Nykole's engagement photo session.

The couple thought Centennial Lakes Park in Edina, MN was the perfect place for engagement pictures, because of the park's great design and accessibility. I wasn't entirely sold on the spot since I'd photographed families on location there before with mixed results. But when Bobby started sending me photos from his phone while on a tour of the park I knew we had found the perfect place. I kept thinking to myself: "Where is that? I've never seen that spot before!" It pays to take a little advice from the outside every once in a while as Bobby and Nykole found many very cool vignettes within the park. I've since had to go back and photograph there a few more times - each time trying to do something different from the last.

The best part of the pictures, though, is how happy you can see Bobby and Nykole are together. They're great people, and are always making each other laugh (as is their adorable little pooch). I'm so looking forward to photographing their wedding day next June.

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