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Wayzata High School Senior Pictures | Mya

photocrati gallery High School senior Mya blends modern style and traditional portraiture

One of my greatest compliments as a photographer comes when someone feels at first awkward in front of the camera and by the end of their session is totally having a blast playing model for the day. This was the case with Mya, a student at Wayzata Senior High School (at least from my perspective).

At the beginning it seemed like having senior pictures done was sort of an after thought for Mya, or something she had to do. I have to say I could empathize with that sentiment. I don't revel in being on the other side of the camera and as a high school senior I wasn't interested in showing off. Senior pictures to me were, let's get this done so we can move on. I always try to remember that feeling whenever I'm doing a senior portrait session. It comes in handy when you get students that aren't über comfortable posing for pictures.

After getting to know Mya briefly and learning what makes her tick we had plenty of inspiration for her senior photos. We were able to blend a bit of traditional portraiture and modern style for a for a finished look that was all her own. Faith is also a big part of Mya's life so I was thrilled we were able to use her Bible and showcase that part of her personality as well. And bonus points go for Mya showing me some great new locations on Lake Minnetonka, and being comfortable enough to have me photograph her at her grandfather's home.

By the end of the photo session Mya was excited about her experience and was looking forward to seeing her pictures — and I was, too! I'm more than happy with the results. What do you think? Commenting on or sharing this post is a great way to show your appreciation. Thanks so much for viewing!