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photocrati gallery A home filled with life, laughter and lefse

It's amazing how a little water, milk and potato flakes can say so much. For the Christensen family, it's part of a recipe that's been carried on for generations and is continuing to thrive today. Each year at Christmastime, the family gathers to partake in the time-honored Norwegian tradition of making lefse (those of Polish descent are also welcome, but are certain to endure a few lighthearted barbs).

Whether you coat your lefse with butter, cinnamon or lingonberries — fold it or roll it — is up to each on their own, but each family member must take their turn, kneading the dough, and flipping the bread on a griddle. The result is as tasty as it is enriching. The youngest of the family are learning a lesson in the olden days that will most likely be passed down in the future.

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