Minneapolis Family Photographer | Ozkar's Third Birthday

Pig masks, pinups and perfectly prepared donuts — it sounds like a your ordinary birthday for any three year old, right? Hardly. But I can't say I'm surprised the the items above were on the agenda for Ozkar's third birthday. Ozkar and his parents are unique to say the least. I've been working with this handsome little guy since he was only a couple of weeks old. We've had the meaningful tradition of doing photo sessions on his actual birthday for the past three years. And with this most recent being Ozkar's Golden Birthday, I knew something fantastic would be in store. What was the most special about the event, though, was simply the fact that I was along for the ride. You see, the family just went about their typical routine, as if it were any other Saturday, spending time together doing what they love. I was there to document the moments while the family did a couple of Ozkar's favorite things: shopping for records, and eating amazing donuts! It's the type of photography I enjoy the most.

We started the morning off with a trip to The Electric Fetus, a record store (yes, they still exist) that I frequented as a teenager. While I have to admit I embrace the digital age and dabble in streaming music, it was refreshing to see the concept of thumbing through albums being passed on to the next generation. Ozkar was gifted the opportunity to select his own record to bring home. He chose the latest from Minnesota's own, Trampled By Turtles. The store was peppered with Halloween décor and costumes, hence, the pig mask reference at the lede of this post (it was a stretch, I know, but I'm a sucker for alliteration).

Next we made a stop to satiate the taste buds of even the most discerning three year olds (or 30-somethings for that matter). Ozkar's parents had a delicious surprise waiting for him when they arrived at Glam Doll Donuts. The artists had prepared a wonderfully monsterous donut spread for Ozkar to dive into — and he did. Ozkar made sure all around could see just how much he enjoyed the sweet creations. I was keen on having, ahem, the Girl Next Door, an unexpected pastry featuring provolone and muenster cheese. Hello awesome!


Oh yeah, and in between bites we were able to get some tasty photos of the family, too! Thanks so much to the staff at Glam Doll Donuts and The Electric Fetus for makings all feel at home!

Happy birthday, Ozkar! I'm wishing you another year full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Anthologie re-opens in downtown Northfield

Artists' reception brightens Bridge Square trainsong

The past month as been a time of transition for Anthologie. I truly appreciate everyone's patience during the remodeling of our offices and gallery at 18 Bridge Square. The Garage and Anthologie have repurposed our building, bringing a hip venue for business and the arts in downtown Northfield.

This past weekend, we hosted an artists' reception for myself and Meredith Fierke with the opening of "The Train Song," a photography exhibition combining my images with Meredith's personal blog entries, chronicling her ascent in the music industry. Visitors were treated to a special, extended version of the exhibition featuring images made this week with the events coinciding with the release of the Cities97 Sampler Vol. 21, on which Meredith's music is featured.

A special thanks to all who came to visit our space and support the arts! As a thank you, door prizes were awarded during the opening. Our winners are:

• Sara Ohotto Bauer, limited edition Dan Iverson print

• Cari and Eric Goodman, "The Procession" CD by Meredith Fierke

• James and Molly Bauer, complimentary Anthologie photo session!

For those who missed the opening, not to worry: The exhibition will remain on view at the Anthologie Gallery through Dec. 18, 2009.

To see more photos from the reception, click HERE.

Amanda and Dan Iverson in The Garage.