The big picture

Anthologie gallery begins to take form

With every new home it takes awhile before the personality of its owners is reflected in the interior. John and I finally had the opportunity to show a bit more of who we are by installing some of our favorite Anthologie images yesterday at 18 Bridge Square, Northfield.

The four massive giclees (38×38 inches each) welcome all who enter our new headquarters and take the viewer on a journey through a piece of life’s continuum, beginning with our favorite baby, Logan, and finishing with our favorite bride and groom, Philip and Virginia.

John and I are thrilled with the lush black ink quality of the prints and the immediate impact of each composition. And the crystal clear LED lighting is the perfect (and most efficient) accent. We were able to get the prints installed just in time for Northfield’s Girls Nite Out.

The rain did put a damper on our original plan to offer complimentary mini lifestyle sessions to the Girls Nite Out participants. However, despite the rain, John and I were able to make some great connections with the visitors who did stop by to check out our work and see what Anthologie is all about.

Thanks to all who took the time to visit with us. We’re already looking forward to next year!