Their story, our story - begins now

Christine and Patrick prompt a new chapter in Anthologie's history While John and I have been working together for some time, there are always events that denote significance in the Anthologie timeline. For example, Feb. 5 is an important date to us, because it's the day our company became officially registered. March 11 will also hold weight with Anthologie, because its when we first met up with our then-potential clients Christine and Patrick.


When we traveled to Mankato last weekend to introduce ourselves to Chris and Pat, they had no idea they would become central figures in our own story. They were the first to make a check payable to Anthologie. With all the work on our website and changes to our personal websites we only recently found the time to set up our new bank accounts!

Chris and Pat are an awesome, down-to-earth couple and we can't wait to capture all the meaningful moments on their wedding day. However, we almost never had a chance to meet them. They had originally planned a destination wedding and had another photographer booked, but turbulence between resort representatives and their travel agent had Chris and Pat frustrated to say the least. They decided a wedding closer to home would be easier on everyone.

After some less-than-ideal experiences with area photographers, Chris and Pat were about ready to give up on wedding photos all together. Luckily, some of our remarkable clients dropped our name and a few e-mails later we were meeting face to face. The rest, ahem, is history.

We'll be giving Chris and Pat 110 percent for sticking with it and supporting the entire photography industry. We're excited to get to know them more and will have a lot of fun during their e-session (hopefully, in the next month or so). Of course, we'll share some of their photos and tell you more about them. Stay tuned...