Wayzata Business Photography | Shoreline Insurance Group

Every once in awhile you get the opportunity to work on a project that really makes you smile. I was fortunate enough to recently get a call from Shoreline Insurance Group and learn that they are growing! Their immediate needs called for updated staff portraits, but above and beyond that, owner Allison Kraus wanted to build an image library that would accentuate her company branding. 

What made the project so fun, aside from working with some relaxed professionals, was that Kraus wanted to utilize the new photos for more than just her traditional marketing purposes — she wanted to use the prints as artwork for the Shoreline offices.

"I wanted something to tie the Shoreline Insurance Group lake and water theme all together when we moved our offices to Lake Minnetonka," Kraus said. "I wanted a way to dress it up!

Shoreline Insurance Group owner Allison Kraus pictured in Excelsior Bay.

Shoreline Insurance Group owner Allison Kraus pictured in Excelsior Bay.


With the move to the lake came a gorgeous classic boat perfect for cruising the waters on a Minnesota summer day. I was able to highlight some of the boat's distinguishing features as well as the surrounding environment. The end result is a set of images that help give place and tell a little bit more of the story of Shoreline Insurance Group. What makes me most happy, though, is that the image set is not only pleasing, but that it helps Kraus to augment her social media posting and enewsletter marketing for the company, and even strike up conversations with her clients.

"The photos turned out beautifully! They are personal, yet professional, and have become great talking pieces when clients come to the office," Kraus said. "I would highly recommend Dan for any business photography you need!"