Wayzata High School Senior Photographer | Ruth

photocrati gallery It's always such an enjoyable experience to work with someone once we've had time to plan out their photo session in advance. For high school senior portraits this may sound like perhaps a bit of over thinking it. After all, the goal is to simply to create a great picture of the subject — to preserve how they looked at this important time in their life.

I believe the best pictures are made when the photographer and the subject have a great deal of trust for one another. So, simply meeting for a cup of coffee and getting to know one another can make both parties that much more relaxed when it comes time for the actual photography session.

This was definitely the case with Wayzata Senior High School student, Ruth. As a student volunteer at a church summer camp, her time to schedule senior pictures was very limited. We made a point to get together right after her junior year ended and talk about her personality and what she hoped to achieve with her senior portraits. Faith and reading are a big part of her life so we worked to incorporate some of those themes in while at the same time simply showing who Ruth is as a young woman. The best part about planning is that I was able to explore an area I often photograph in — Minneapolis' Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins — but in a new light. I'm very pleased with the results. If you like what you see, please comment, like or share. Thanks for viewing!